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So your room is finally finished. You have new furniture, lighting, accessories, but the freshly painted walls are missing the elements that pull everything together: The Art. But searching through art galleries can be time-consuming, intimidating, and without industry knowledge, you can easily spend more than necessary.

Instead, take advantage of Art Advisory’s Online Consulting Services and you’ll:

Make Buying Art Simple—in 3 Easy Steps

This is collaborative effort, which begins with you. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Purchase Your Consulting Package

How many rooms need art? As you can see, you’ll receive a volume discount for consulting on more than one room. Click on the button to pay for the package via PayPal (no account is necessary) and off we go.

Please choose how many rooms.

Step 2: Send Art Advisory the download.

Within 24 hours of placing your order, you’ll receive a detailed questionnaire about your room, budget, tastes, and style and color preferences. Just fill it out. You’ll also need to measure each room as well as the furniture. Take at least six photos of each room. If you have a tape measure, it would be helpful to place it along the walls you are photographing, so we can see it in the pictures. Then, email or “snail-mail” all the details to Art Advisory, Ltd.

Step 3: Choose Your Favorites

Within two to three weeks of receiving your information, Art Advisory, Ltd. will email at least three recommendations of artwork (per location) that fit your parameters.

If your budget for art is less than $650, you’ll receive the sources where you can buy and frame the work.  For budgets beyond $650, you’ll receive framing ideas for the art pieces. In addition, you’ll purchase them through Art Advisory, Ltd. and receive a credit for the consulting fee towards the purchase of your artwork.  If you prefer, Art Advisory, Ltd. can handle crating/shipping/installation as well.

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