Art Advisory, Ltd. provides a full range of services:

Corporate Art Consulting—that Means Business

Art for business can enhance your workplace and support your business objectives. Create a stimulating work environment by using art consulting services. Accentuate your corporate image. Whether you want art for lobbies to inspire a positive impression, art for commercial real estate ventures or art for public spaces, Art Advisory, Ltd. specializes in helping corporations enhance both their office and their image through carefully selected, well-placed art.

Residential Art Consulting—that Enriches Your Home

Achieve warmth, beauty and visual impact in your home—with art that is carefully selected and well-placed by a fine art consultant who accommodates your unique style, taste, personality and budget. Our Chicago-based art consulting team is comfortable with all types of art, from fine art reproductions to vintage posters, original graphics, photography, oil and acrylics on canvas, glass, textiles, ceramics, murals, artifacts and sculpture.

Fine Art Consulting—for a Positive Impact in Healthcare Spaces

A well-chosen art consultant can enhance space to foster peace of mind and promote healing—and Art Advisory offers special expertise in selecting art for hospitals and other healthcare and hospitality facilities. When you need art for public spaces—to decorate hallways and waiting areas, as well as patient rooms—the team's innovative solutions create positive visual impact and a more soothing experience. Fine art consultants also acquire art for hotels, restaurants and other hospitality environments to invite guests to relax and unwind.

Online Residential Art Consulting

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Artist Career Coaching and Business Development Seminars

Visual Voyages - Tours of Art Galleries and Studios

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